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Creating light and beauty, one candle at a time.

At Veta Nell, we love candles for their simple luxury and their ability to create the perfect moment. To create the highest quality candles, we invest in the art and science of scent, and we house our candles in custom-designed, reusable glassware for lasting beauty in your space. With this time and care, our candles bring you a simple yet elevated experience.

We also care about creating sustainable jobs. From our company's start, founder Susan Mays believed that Veta Nell could provide good jobs with fair pay, flexible hours, and full benefits. In particular, Susan and her team wanted to create employment and advancement opportunities for women. Too often women work in unstable jobs, which is particularly difficult for single mothers. In making excellent candles, we can benefit our employees and their families as well as our customers. At Veta Nell, we also donate to non-profits that focus on women’s livelihoods, health, and dignity. In creating sustainable jobs, one woman stood out as our inspiration: Veta Nell Meade.

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The Butterfly Legacy

"Veta Nell, (1917-2010), was a compassionate and bold woman. Veta (pronounced Vee-ta) defied the norms of her time, tipped her hat to every stranger, and created beauty in life. She had a signature identity that will be remembered forever.

My grandmother cared for people. She always greeted each person by their name, in order to truly connect. She loved to travel and often recounted stories of the people she met. Like so many shaped by the Great Depression, scarcity on the Missouri plains caused Veta to be extremely thrifty, and reuse and recycle were necessarily her way of life. Similarly, although she worked for minimum wage, Veta was diligent about saving money yet always generous with others. Her savings enabled her family to have opportunities she never had.

Veta also held notable views on nature and self. She practiced what we now call ‘self-care’ to balance the difficult conditions of her life. She advocated natural healing and meditation to soothe the mind and body. Veta cautioned against over-extending oneself and was in favor of balanced, long-term well-being. Veta was particularly awed by the simple yet delicate elegance of the butterfly. Like so many aspects of her life, Veta Nell's outlook on nature, healing, and beauty was inspirational."-

Veta Nell co-founder, Stephen Day

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“Give your best to the world and the best will come back to you.”

- Veta Nell Meade

Like so many women now and before her, Veta Nell also faced hardships. As a very young woman, Veta Nell divorced an abusive husband and in 1937 became a single mother needing to care for and support her child. Today, women still earn lower incomes and do most of the caregiving work. That is why our company empowers women, both in the way we run the company and in the causes we support.

Local Causes:

Veta Nell supports women's health and independence with contributions to Austin-based St. Louise House. Saint Louise House is a non-profit dedicated to the success of women and their children, in moving from homelessness to healthy and independent living. "Saint Louis House empowers women to overcome homelessness for generations to come."

In the end, we hope Veta Nell candles provide people with a simple and natural source of joy. Like the sublime wonder of witnessing a butterfly take flight, we hope these candles bring much-deserved moments of beauty and elevation.